Berthoud Pass

We woke up to a steady rain on Saturday morning. After breakfast in the hotel in Winter Park, we headed south. We could see high mountains covered with snow in the distance. As the road climbed, the rain turned to thick fog. At times, ghosts of nearby mountains would show through for a second, then disappear. We kept climbing and soon found ourselves above the clouds. It was spectacularly beautiful, and I’d like to take credit for knowing it was there. But I didn’t. I just took the shortest route from Winter Park to I-70. Turns out we were driving through Berthoud Pass, which tops out at 11,307 feet and is a major avalanche area.

The south side was clearer and drier, but no less spectacular. Unfortunately, a slow-moving pickup pulled off the shoulder in front of me and sprayed my windshield with muck the whole way down, so my photos aren’t great.

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