Bird #164 — Least Flycatcher

empidonax (from empidos, mosquito, and anax, king) minimus (least)

Tuesday, May 27, 1980 — 10:16 am

Mio, Michigan — woods along Au Sable River near town

I got up early and drove to Mio to take the tour of the Kirtland’s Warbler nesting grounds.  I arrived too late for the early tour and too early for the late tour.  I drove down the road a half mile or so and parked in a lot near a boat landing on the Au Sable River.  I wandered down a path that cut through the thick woods along the river.  I went a mile or so until I ended up in a residential area.  As I retraced my steps, I heard a flycatcher singing.  I traced the “che-bek” and spotted two birds sitting on a high perch in the under-story about 100 feet from the river.

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