Bird #168 — Bonaparte’s Gull

larus (ravenous seabird) philadelphia (of the city in Pennsylvania) Its common name was given by George Ord, Philadelphia scientist, for Charles Lucien Bonaparte, French zoologist who lived for a time in Philadelphia.

Tuesday, May 27, 1980 — 4:10 pm

Tawas Point State Park, Michigan — Lake Huron

The state park peninsula ended in a ribbon of sand that curled around and pointed back toward the mainland.  I walked out to the end on a boardwalk/path, looking at several warblers that were foraging in the few small trees.  A flock of gulls was flying around over the protected bay inside the curve of the point.  The Bonaparte’s Gulls were being chased by the larger ones when I first saw them.  Later, they were swimming with the other gulls near the shore.

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