Bird #185 — Gray-cheeked Thrush

catharus (purity of song) minimus (least)

Friday, October 3, 1980 — 11:55 am

Des Plaines, Illinois — home

When I first spotted this Gray-cheeked Thrush, it was standing on the rim of the birdbath next to the big tree by the shed in the backyard.  It hopped down and splashed around some.  Later we saw it foraging in and under the nearby bushes.

The yard in Des Plaines was a thrush magnet.  Rarely did a spring or fall migration go by without visits from Hermits, Swainson’s, and Gray-cheeks.  I had all the time I could ever want to study them and learn the differences.  I also saw the occasional Wood Thrushes and Veerys.  American Robins were always around and nested more than once.  And, of course, I saw a Varied Thrush in 1979.

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