Bird #225 — Red Knot

calidris (speckled water bird) canutus (the Danish King Canute, or Knut, who was know for trying to hold back the tide)

Sunday, May 23, 1982 — 4:00 pm

Racine, Wisconsin — Wind Point — Lake Michigan

I was wandering along the rocky beach between Lake Michigan and the golf course near the tip of Wind Point.  I spotted the Red Knot walking with a large flock of Ruddy Turnstones.  At one point, it walked about five feet away from the flock, then flew back into the middle of the group.  As I approached, the flock flushed and headed out over the lake in a compact clump, turned in unison and disappeared to the south.  The Red Knot flew right in the center of the clump.

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