Bird #247 — Painted Bunting

passerina (sparrow-like) ciris (bird into which Scylla, daughter of Nisus, is fabled to have been changed)

Thursday, May 5, 1983 — 8:20 am

Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge, Arkansas

I arrived at Holla Bend early in the morning.  I hadn’t been there too long and had just started along the drive above the Arkansas River.  I saw a Painted Bunting standing on the road in front of the car.  The instant I got it in my binoculars, it flew into the weeds along the road.  I stepped from the car, and it flushed again and landed in a small tree at the edge of the bluff.  It didn’t stay there long, either, but shortly dropped over the edge and disappeared from sight.

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