Bird #248 — Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

empidonax (from empis, mosquito, and anax, king) flaviventris (from flavus, yellow, and ventris, belly)

Sunday, May 29, 1983 — 3:10 pm

Racine, Wisconsin — Lake Michigan beach near the Racine Zoo

My family and I wandered along the Lake Michigan beach collecting pieces of glass that had been worn smooth by water and sand.  Green and white were the common colors, followed closely by brown.  Red and dark blue were the jewels.  We put the glass in a canning jar, filled the jar with water, then set it on the kitchen windowsill to catch the light.

Anyway, the Racine Zoo is located on a bluff above the lake.  Below the bluff, there is a stretch of beach with a few small patches of small trees.  I had my binoculars along and wandered away from the rest of the family a short distance.  I spotted the Yellow-bellied Flycatcher foraging in a thicket.  It flitted rapidly about, landing on the ground and on branches up to ten feet above the ground.  I heard its “pee-wee” song once very softly.

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