Bird #297 — Bell’s Vireo

vireo (bird) bellii (given by John James Audubon in 1844 for John G. Bell, taxidermist who accompanied Audubon on his Missouri River expedition of 1843)

Monday, April 2, 1984 — 11:00 am

Coronado National Forest, Arizona — Sabino Canyon Recreation Area

I worked for this one, as hard as I had worked for any bird up to this time.  I chased them around and up the canyon for a hundred yards or so.  They were foraging in the small trees and bushes between the creek and the road that winds up the canyon.  They were about halfway up the lower canyon.  They spent most of the time in the bushes just where the stream-side greenery bordered the desert-covered rocky slopes.  They sang occasionally as they moved about.  They seemed more active than most vireos, which made them hard to see well.  When I finally saw them well enough to be sure of my identification, I felt mightly good about it.

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