Bird #306 — Olive Warbler

peucedramus (from peuke, pine, and dramein, to run) taeniatus (headband

Thursday, April 5, 1984 — 11:30 am

Coronado National Forest, Arizona — Mt. Lemmon

There were patches of snow at the top of the mountain—in fields and in the woods under the trees. We got out and walked around a bit. As I walked toward the car I kept my eyes open.  I spotted a small bird foraging rapidly branch-to-branch, tree-to-tree near the top of some tall pines.  These trees were growing down the slope, so the bird was only twenty feet or so above my eye level.  It kept to the interior of the trees and soon disappeared from view, but I got a few good looks at it and knew immediately it was an Olive Warbler.

Still and all, this is an uncommon, local, and hard to find bird. Finding it the way I did was a treat.

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