Bird #32 — Mourning Dove

zenaida (applied by Charles Lucien Bonaparte, French zoologist, in 1838, in honor of his wife, Princess Zenaide Charlotte Julie Bonaparte) macroura (from makros, long, and oura, tail)

Friday, July 20, 1979 — 8:00 am

Golf, Illinois — residential area

I was on a roofing job in the tiny suburb of Golf, tucked between Glenview and Morton Grove.  The houses were large and spaced far apart with large expanses of lawn in between.  The Mourning Dove flew overhead and landed in a tree about 50 yards away.

I was familiar with Mourning Doves from my childhood and had been looking for one since I began listing.  I was beginning to wonder if any were left.  In retrospect, I have no idea where I was looking or how it could have taken me so long.

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