Bird #44 — Red-shouldered Hawk

buteo (hawk) lineatus (striped)

Sunday, August 19, 1979 — 8:30 am

Barrington, Illinois — Crabtree Nature Center

I confess.  This sighting is tainted.  The bird had been raised in captivity and released only a few days before.  It was a good deal tamer than normal.  It sat on a branch of a dead tree on the island in Sulky Pond and ignored me I stood on the path, maybe 25 yards away.  I think I even had some i.d. tips from the park naturalist to help us figure out what it was.

Now for the real thing:

Sunday, March 2, 1980 — 3:00 pm

Waukegan, Illinois — Illinois Beach State Park

An adult Red-shouldered Hawk was sitting in a lone dead tree in a marsh along the entrance road.  I stopped the car, and looked at it for a while.  When I got out for a closer look, it took off.  It flew to three different perches as I followed, dropping down after take-off, flying just above the reeds, then rising just before landing on its next perch.

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