Chief Leatherlips

We arrived in Dublin, Ohio, at Scioto Park, on the banks of the Scioto River, just as it began to rain. I waited until the heavy stuff passed, then dashed out and took some photos of the Chief Leatherlips Monument. The plaque nearby reads:

Chief Leatherlips was a good friend to Indian and white man alike. To the Wyandots, Chief Leatherlips was called SHA-TE-YAH-RON-YA, which means “same size as blue.” In later years, he was called SOU-CHA-ET-ESS, which means “Long Gray Hair.” He was given the name, Leatherlips, by the white settlers in this area. They called him this because of his admirable trait of never breaking a promise.”

He was executed somewhere in this general area by fellow tribe-members who weren’t thrilled with his friendship with the evil white people.





You can walk up the back to the top of his head and pretend you’re his hair, but since my wife didn’t get out of the car in the rain, I had to settle for these photos.

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