Cubs Vs. Expos — April 22, 1979

I was at college at this time. Two friends and I took the Subway to the park and bought our tickets maybe an hour before game time — box seats behind the Cubs dugout. Note how empty the park was on a sunny, warm spring weekend.



The guy in the red shirt in the next photo is (I’m pretty sure) Lou Boudreau, Cubs’ broadcaster.


I have no idea what’s happening here. I don’t see a time on my scorecard when the Expos had two men in scoring-position. It’s entirely possible that I wasn’t paying attention and missed something. It’s even possible that these photos are from another game I went to while at college and not the one that I scored.


If this is the game I scored, this next photo must have been taken in the top of the eighth, when pinch-runner Tony Solaita scored from second on a single by Andre Dawson.



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Cubs vs. Expos — April 22, 1979

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