Dog n Suds — Grayslake, Illinois

This particular restaurant is also a new one on my list of Dog n Suds drive-ins.

Dog n Suds, Grayslake, Illinois

My daughter and I drove over for lunch. She ordered a foot-long hot dog, onion rings, chocolate pudding and a root beer float. I had two corn dogs, coleslaw, onion rings and a root beer. The hot dog and corn dogs were very good, and so was the coleslaw. The onion rings were a disappointment — they were the breaded onion bits of the sort you get at Burger King instead of true deep-fried onion rings. The root beer also seemed a little watery.

We had a good time, and were happy to check it off our list, but when we get the urge for a local Dog n Suds, we’ll head to Richmond.

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