Dog n Suds — Fort Wayne, Indiana

I was 70 miles away in Elkhart, attending a leader training seminar which ended every evening around 5:00. Than meant I could spend the evening alone in my Comfort Suites hotel or find adventure. No contest. I drove through Amish farmland to the Dog n Suds in Fort Wayne, one of the very few I haven’t visited.

For starters, there was no entrance off the highway so I had to backtrack several times before I finally discovered how to get to it from a mall parking lot.


It was a new building, with new signage, so there was no sense of nostalgia.



I’d already eaten supper, but I ordered a corn dog and a large root beer. The corn dog was bland with little taste to the dog or the cornbread. But worst of all, they iced the root beer with crushed ice so it was already watery by the time I took my first sip, with none of the creaminess. And it only got worse. I didn’t stick around long.

ipad dump 149

I’m glad I went to check it off on my list and to get out of my hotel room, but I wouldn’t recommend this location to anyone.


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