I drove south to Pueblo and ate lunch at the Pass Key restaurant, which I’d found out about on Roadfood. As I was heading into town, I pulled into a parking lot to load the address into my rental GPS. I was told to head out onto the main street, then take a right, then another right, and then another right, which took me back into the parking lot where I’d started. I tried programing the GPS again and got the same results, so I tossed it into the glove compartment and set off to find the restaurant on my own. Which I did about 30 seconds later one block down the street. Meanwhile, the GPS kept talking from the glove compartment, “Recalculating. Turn right. Recalculating.”

I ordered the Pass Key Special without really knowing what I was getting. It turned out to be a rectangular Italian sausage patty on a bun with Provolone cheese and bits of bell pepper.

It was a little spicy and very tasty and, although a bit greasy, manageable as I ate and drove into the flats of eastern Colorado.

My goal was Bent’s Fort National Historic Site, 75 miles away. I knew it closed at 4:00, so I had time, but not time to spare. US 50 runs along the Arkansas River, so the landscape was greener than I’d expected.

The trip was unremarkable, but I always enjoy driving somewhere I’ve never been before.

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