Is It Just Me …

Or does this cereal box really make no sense?

Does it mean:

  1. You can see that there’s less processed nutrition?
  2. That there’s the same amount of processed nutrition but you can’t see as much of it?
  3. That you can see that there’s more less-processed nutrition?
  4. You can see that the nutrition is less processed?

I have no idea.

And, while we’re at it, what is “Natural flavor with other natural flavor” supposed to mean?

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2 Responses to Is It Just Me …

  1. n8 says:

    Sounds like the packaging was produced by their attorneys. Or, maybe they want it to mean whatever you think it should mean. It’s an empowerment thing.

  2. jeff says:

    or perhaps it’s a Chinese cereal that was translated into English

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