Some people use a GPS to navigate their way around unfamiliar areas. I use RTS — Random Turn System. As I was driving aimlessly around Racine searching for a Culver’s with my daughter and her cousins, we passed several bakeries advertising Danish kringle, a specialty of the area. My passengers decided we should buy some after lunch. The problem was that when the time came, my RTS couldn’t guide us to any of the bakeries we’d passed. We wandered aimlessly some more. My daughter remembered the name of a street where we’d seen one of the bakeries, so when I happened upon that street we turned and soon found this place.

We had a lot of choices, but quickly settled on raspberry.

We each had a piece and saved the rest for dessert. It was good, but my daughter and I immediately proclaimed that my wife’s was better. The girls encouraged her to make some a couple days later and we were right — it was better.

My wife's kringle

You can find her recipe on her blog.

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  1. Katherine says:

    Wow…hmmm…I’m about to start catching up on my blog…I’m afraid that I’m going to have a lot of similar pictures coming up soon…

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