Mary Todd Lincoln House — Lexington, Kentucky

We spent the morning at the Kentucky Horse Park outside of town, then drove downtown to the Mary Todd Lincoln House. For the only time of the trip, we had to share our tour of a house with another family, a young couple with three young boys. The kids weren’t perfectly behaved, but they weren’t bad. The youngest, who was maybe three, was playing with a feather and kept rubbing it across our legs. The tour guide lady was very knowledgeable and interesting. While she wasn’t exactly an apologist for Mary, she did stress how smart and educated Lincoln’s wife was and encouraged us to read a biography that treats Mary with a bit more balance then is normally the case.

Mary’s father died intestate, so the family furniture had to be sold at auction. Some pieces have been recovered. For the rest, they have an inventory from the auction and so bought items as close as possible in appearance and age to the items that were sold. One original piece was a hair brush set that belonged to Mary. I found that intriguing — to think that Mary Todd Lincoln actually had that brush that was lying right there on the dresser in front of me. I crossed the street to get a picture of the front of the house.

Mary Todd Lincoln House - side viewMary Todd Lincoln House - front viewMary Todd Lincoln House - back view

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