Saturday was gray and damp with frequent periods of drizzling rain. We decided to take a road trip to the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Our first stop was Ontonagon. There’s a lighthouse on the river that is open for tours, but the first tour wasn’t until 11:00, so we were content with views from the opposite shore. After all, when you’ve seen one keeper’s quarters, you’ve seen them all. (This is the room where the keeper and his wife slept. We don’t have any of their original furniture, so we’ve placed any old bed and dresser in the room to show you what it might have looked like. And surprise! It might have looked like every other bedroom!)


After escaping from a friendly dog with monumental quantites of drool, we ate breakfast, on Cindy’s recommendation, at Syl’s Cafe. We even had a dining room all to ourselves until some guys sat down at a nearby table and held a loud-laughing competition. The food was OK, but the take-out donuts we ate on the road were excellent.


 Have you ever wondered what Ontonagon would look like if everything was red? Green? Purple?

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