Pine-Apple Farm

We have three levels of Christmas tree enthusiasm.

  1. For years in which we travel out of state for Christmas, we pull a 2″ pre-lit tree out of a box, plop it on a table in the living room, and plug it in.
  2. For years in which we stay in state but don’t host Christmas, we assemble our artificial tree.
  3. For (occasional) years in which we host Christmas, we head to Pine-Apple Farm, a mile and a half from our house, and murder a live tree.

This year, we’re hosting. Our friends came by early in the morning on Saturday, December 1. We enjoyed breakfast at Richard Walker’s Pancake House, then headed to the tree farm.

Forty-five minutes later, we had a tree on the roof of our car and I had tree sap down the front of my jacket and $80 fewer dollars in my wallet.

Me in the process of cutting down our tree. The irritation visible on my face was because the tree wouldn’t fall over and I couldn’t figure out why. When I got it home and cut another eight inches off the trunk, I discovered a couple strands of fence wire sticking up through the center of the trunk, as though the tree had grown around it.

In addition to being worlds of fun, this is another item checked off my “Things to do in McHenry County” list.

Here’s what the tree looks like in our house.

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