Reptile-Amphibian #17 — Northern Water Snake

natrix sipedon sipedon

Saturday, May 24, 2008 — 2:15pm

Crystal Lake, Illinois — The Hollows Conservation Area

I was stolling along a trail through a large marshy field with scattered wet areas when I almost stepped on this snake. It was about a foot-and-a-half long and was heading quickly for the reeds when I saw it. I figured it would soon disappear, but it circled back and laid there staring at me. After maybe five minutes, it slithered off beneath a bush — and then out the other side. It just didn't seem terribly afraid of me. I followed as it made its way through the reeds and finally disappeared into a marshy pool.

Northern Water Snake - The Hollows - May, 2008

Northern Water Snake - Moraine Hills State Park - September 6, 2008

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