Tattered Cover Book Store

Once a year, the publishing department at work spends a day exploring as a reward for the past year’s work. Our first stop was Tattered Cover Book Store in Denver. This particular location occupies an old theater. We spent the better part of two hours there.


Tattered Cover is the independent bookstore big shot in Denver. It’s claim to fame is the steady stream of authors who make appearances, and whose photos line the walls. One of these is Al Gore, who represents the other thing Tattered Cover is famous for—celebrating the right to publish anything, no matter how ridiculous.


I wandered about looking for something to buy. I couldn’t get to the nature book section because a loud and inappropriately-dressed woman was getting her picture taken playing chess right in front of the shelves. I didn’t ask, but I guessed they didn’t want me in the background. 



When I’d picked a book, I bought a pop and muffin and sat outside.


I still had 20 minutes to kill, so I strolled next door and browsed the Twist & Shout record store. 



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