Thunder Bay Lighthouse – Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

I found Thunder Bay very disconcerting. We drove 500 miles north of Chicago, along the north shore of Lake Superior, through miles and miles of woods through several moose-crossing zones and found … Chicago. The city was ringed by franchise joints. Inside that ring was a tired, dirty, depressing, ugly city. I was expecting something more north-feeling, more touristy. We drove around in search of the lighthouse, only to discover we couldn't get anywhere near it. It was on a breakwater far out in the harbor. We pulled into a little park on the shore and got out. Behind us was the city. Next to us was a massive gray ore dock. It felt just like Chicago — except that in front of us was Lake Superior, complete with a Common Loon swimming near shore.

We decided to sample the local cuisine, so we walked across the street to McDonald's.

The lighthouse was built in 1937 and is still in use. It isn't open to the public.

Thunder Bay Lighthouse - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada - July, 1996

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