Animal #68 — American Pika

ochotona princeps

Saturday, July 8, 2017 — 11:20 am

Mount Evans — Arapaho National Forest, Colorado

I hiked to the top of Mount Evans with a group from work. On my way down, I passed through a large boulder field about 500 feet below the summit.


I’d been hearing odd screeching noises and thought they might be made by pikas, but it took me a while to spot them. 

I finally saw three or four running through the rocks not far off the trail. It was hard to get a photo because they matched the color of the rocks and they moved fast. Most of my shots show the back side, but I did manage one good shot.



I was bushed from climbing the mountain and I still had a ways to go to get to the car—and it was threatening to rain. I didn’t stick around long.

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