Bird #249 — Great-tailed Grackle

quiscalus (quail) mexicanus (of Mexico)

Friday, March 30, 1984 — 5:15 pm

Tempe, Arizona — office park near the airport

My wife and I spent a week with my parents in Arizona, birding and seeing the sights. We spent the first night in a hotel in Tempe. I wandered around the area.  It didn’t seem to have much to offer birdwise, but even common Arizona birds were new to me at this point.

I found an office park about a block from the motel.  The office buildings were well kept and surrounded by expanses of green grass.  I spotted the Great-tailed Grackles foraging on the lawn by one of the buildings.  As I approached, they flew up into a tree and gave a loud “may-wee” call.  They soon flew off out of sight.

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