Bird #250 — House Finch

carpodacus (from karpos, fruit, and dakos, biter) mexicanus (Mexican)

Friday, March 30, 1984 — 5:20 pm

Tempe, Arizona — office park near the airport

I was walking back toward our hotel after seeing the Great-tailed Grackles.  The road passed an empty, weed-filled lot.  I spotted the House Finch as it flew to a fence along the edge of the lot.  I watched it for a few minutes until it flew to the top of a weed stalk then off out of sight.  This particular male was bright red on the face, rump and chest.  I saw some later that were a lot more orange.  It had a brown cap and brown streaking over much of its body. It was about the size of a House Sparrow.

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