Bird #318 — Brown-headed Nuthatch

sitta (nuthatch) pusilla (very small)

Thursday, June 23, 1988 — 7:40 am

Crossett, Arkansas — Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge

Ruth  and Bob , refuge biologists, had shown me the Red-cockaded Woodpeckers by appointment.  As we were watching them, Bob mentioned the calls of Brown-headed Nuthatches in the pines about 40 feet away. When the biologists left, I went looking for the nuthatches.  I walked around the area for a half hour or so before I finally got a good, close look.  They were very near the tree where I had seen the woodpeckers.

The Brown-headed Nuthatches usually stayed 30 feet or more up in the pines, foraging on the trunk and branches in typical nuthatch fashion.  One flew down into a short pine for about 30 seconds, then flew back up.

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