Bird #386 — California Towhee

pipilo (to chirp) crissalis

Sunday, May 6, 2001 — 1:32 pm

San Diego, California — Point Loma — Cabrillo National Monument

I flew to San Diego this morning with coworkers for a convention. We rented a car and drove to Point Loma to spend some time until we could check into our hotel. We parked and walked toward the visitor center on the ridge above San Diego Bay.

A California Towhee was hopping on the sidewalk that cut through the brushy area near the building. I got within three feet and watched as it hopped under a concrete bench.

Later, I walked down the Bayside Trail through the scrub on the slope above the bay. I saw many California Towhees on the trail itself and in the nearby brush. They often gave a sharp “’cheek” call.

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