Cañon City

After my long drive on Tuesday, I stuck (somewhat) closer to home on Wednesday. I began at Cañon City Riverwalk. I saw my first-of-the-year Black-chinned Hummingbird and Black-headed Grosbeak, but apart from Yellow-rumped Warblers, things were pretty dead. The Great-horned Owl was on its regular nest, joined now by two young.

I hiked the Tunnel Drive Trail. As I said to some other birders I met there, “It’s not a good place to bird, but it’s a good place to be.” As usual, the birds were scarce and hard to find. I did see a herd of 9 Bighorn Sheep, however.

And the cactus were in bloom.

After lunch at Big Burger World, I went to Brush Hollow. I finally saw the Pinyon Jays that others report there from time to time. They weren’t in the wildlife area itself, but off on a side road nearby. I was just about to give up looking when I heard their odd laugh-call. I got out of the car and found two perched on top of pinyon pines. I wasn’t terribly close, and the light was terrible for photography, but hey … any sighting of a Pinyon Jay is a good one.

There wasn’t a lot happening at the reservoir itself. I should know because I walked all the way around it to get in my miles. It’s not a hike I’d like to make if the temperature had been much higher, but a pleasant breeze made things bearable on this day.

Western Kingbird

Spotted Sandpiper

I ended the day with 50 species—4 new for the year—a pathetic total for May, but the weather was perfect, and I got in 10 miles of walking.

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