Catamount Reservoir

I hiked to Catamount Reservoir from Green Mountain Falls—a hike I’ve made twice before with coworkers and friends. It was a beautiful day, although a bit warm, and the trails were crowded. A touch of altitude sickness prevented me from spending as much time by the reservoir as I wanted, but I survived to tell the tale.

Band-tailed Pigeons were in their usual spot along the road to the trailhead. The one in the top photo without the white band on its neck is a young one.

Two different Cordilleran Flycatchers were seen a couple miles away from each other.

The Garden of Eden Meadow is pretty but overrated. I can think of several dozen prettier spots in the state.

Red-naped Sapsucker

Olive-sided Flycatcher singing its “Quick! Three beers!” song.

Tree Swallow

Pikes Peak

South Catamount Reservoir from the dam. The shores were lined with fishermen and picnickers, and the trails were almost single-file at times.

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