County Fair Tractor Pull

This was the first tractor pull I’ve ever seen. Having seen one, I have just one question — Why would anybody see a second one?

Fortunately it was free. I sat in the bleachers for about 15 minutes experiencing the intense thrill that comes from watching a tractor slowly pull a trailer across a field. I went back an hour or so later and saw what appeared to be the same tractors pulling the same trailers across the same field. I poked my head in one last time an hour later and this time saw something totally different — what appeared to be the same tractor, slightly souped up, pulling the same trailer across the same field, this time at a faster pace. It coughed up huge clouds of black smoke that drifted right through the bleachers. I left immediately. Yahoo. I couldn’t help wondering how much gas was being used at $4.05/gallon.

This is a time-lapse panorama — the same tractor appears three times.

And because I know you want to share the excitement …

This one didn't win.

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  1. Katherine says:

    I would not want to be standing anywhere behind that tractor in the first picture.

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