Dr. Lester L. Williams Fire Museum

I never pass up on an opportunity to see old vehicles. I don’t even know why I find the fascinating, but I do. This small museum houses a couple old firetrucks and some even older wagons. It’s only open on weekdays, so we wandered by after leaving the Broadmoor.

The four vehicles are (clockwise from upper left), a 1945 American LaFrance Pumper; a 1926 Ahrens-Fox Pumper; a 1898 Metropolitan Steamer, and an 1898 Hose and Chemical Wagon. As far as I know, all four were used in Colorado Springs.

Display cases housed a variety of fire-fighting equipment, most of it unlabeled.

The most interesting bit for me and worth the price of admission (it was free) was a display on fire marks, which I had somehow never heard of. While you’re learning about them, enjoy the creative use of capital letters and sentence structure.

The inner wall displayed a history of fire fighting in the Springs. Sally found this bit on the local IRS office.

There wasn’t a lot to the museum, and we didn’t stay long, but what was there was worth stopping in to see on a lazy morning.

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