Fox Run Regional Park

Fox Run is a ponderosa pine forest with two tiny ponds that are affectionately referred to as lakes. I hiked through the woods around three sides of the park, then cut into the center to hike up a hill.


The “lakes” were frozen over. Here’s Spruce Lake.

IMG_1348 (2)

Another shot of Spruce Lake. The hill in the center of the park can be seen in the right background.


At the top, a few trees were cleared to give a view of Pikes Peak.

IMG_1349 (2)

And that was pretty much it. It was pretty and uncrowded, but there wasn’t too much to it—except that I did spot my lifer Abert’s Squirrel as it dashed through the woods. I probably walked 80% of the trails and had a hard time totaling five miles. 

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