Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices State Historic Site — Springfield, Illinois

We stopped in Springfield for a few hours to see the sights. After driving by Lincoln’s home and the current state capitol, we parked and toured the Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices.

The interior of the three-story building has been restored to the way it looked when Lincoln had his law offices here from 1843-1852. His office was on the third floor, looking out at what was then the capitol building.

Next to his office was the jury room, then a smaller office where Herndon ran the business when Lincoln was in Washington. On the second floor was the federal courtroom. There was a trap door from Lincoln’s office to the courtroom. Lincoln used to prop the door open so he could listen in on court proceedings. On the bottom floor, Seth Tinsley, the building’s owner, kept a store and rented space for the Springfield post office.

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