Manitou Lake

I spent a couple of afternoon hours looking for a rare Common Black Hawk. After I saw it, I walked the trail around the lake. There were several fall sparrows feeding together along the shore. They gave me some i.d. challenges.

Savannah Sparrow

A very pale Vesper Sparrow

An immature Song Sparrow

A Clay-colored Sparrow

Common Yellowthroat

Earlier in the day, I was birding at Chatfield State Park. I heard two other birds say they were going to try to find someone to take them out in a boat to i.d. a phalarope. I asked if I could tag along. We found a nice couple who agreed to take us on their pontoon boat. The bird in question turned out to be this Red-necked Phalarope instead of the hoped-for Red Phalarope, but, hey, I got a free boat ride out of it.

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