New Harmony Downtown

This part of New Harmony was decidedly less weird. There were about three blocks of attractive old storefronts, including three pretty good antique stores that were actually open.


This one, in an old firehouse, had some really tempting stuff, but we got away with just a case for Double Cola and a mug. When I asked the pleasant woman who ran the store how business was, she slipped into a community propaganda spiel. She and her husband live upstairs.



We ate lunch at the Yellow Tavern. My cheeseburger and Sally’s fried bologna sandwich were excellent. The “specialty” bread pudding we had for dessert, not so much.


It was an “eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor” place, but unlike most of that sort of restaurant, they don’t clean up the shells. They just sweep them into deep piles along the walls and counter. You can see one of the piles under the stools.



While we ate, we watched the weather report which was predicting violent storms all across the area. It sorta felt like our last meal before we died.


It began raining hard before we left, then let up a bit. We visited one more antique store, where I bought a Holiday magazine from 1949. The cashier looked at it and said, “I was 12 when this came out.” I said, “I was minus 9.” She thought that was pretty funny. While I looked around, Sally went next door to a shop that sold homemade organic soaps and bought a couple bars. We hung around a bit too long. The storm hit and a wall of water fell from the sky. Yea, I know the video is sideways, but I think you can get the idea. After about five minutes, we made a mad dash for the car and arrived alive but decidedly wet.


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