Out and About in Castle Rock

After our morning hike at Roxborough State Park, we went to Crave Real Burgers for lunch. I decided to go for the bacon cheeseburger with grilled-cheese sandwiches for a bun. It was called the Fatty Melt. And I had a key lime milkshake. Yes, I know it’s horrible for me. I walked five miles the last two days and hike this morning. And plan on hiking again tomorrow. Get off my back.



My wife got the Colorado, with lamb and avocado and who knows what all on it. She said it was delicious. We sat on the porch, and the midday sun streamed down the back of my neck. And it was rather pricey. But it was amazing.

We drove downtown and walked through The Barn. It’s billed as an antique store, but there are very few antiques. There are a lot of women’s clothing and some interesting craft-type items. And some not-interesting craft items.




I almost bought one of these flamingos. I might go back someday and get one.


And this painting. I didn’t buy it either. My wife bought a tin pine tree to start her new collection of miniature pine trees.


The place was packed with a lot of women and a few patient husbands.

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