Prairie Grove State Park, Arkansas

I visited this park on the same day that I toured Pea Ridge National Military Park. I had the place to myself except for three local kids who wandered through. I toured the museum (visible behind the sign) and wandered the trails.

The battle took place on December 7, 1862, which is why we celebrate December 7 as Pearl Harbor day.

Most of the battlefield is outside the park boundaries, but the area has changed very little. This photo looks toward the Borden House, up the hill where the Union army attacked.

And this photo was taken from in front of the house looking down the same hill.

That was pretty much what there was to see, but the weather was nice for an Arkansas summer and there were a lot of great birds around. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

This tree(s) was (were) along the trail. I was fascinated by how closely they had grown together.

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