Rough-legs and Ring-necks

On my drive to Kansas to see Prairie-Chickens, I saw dozens of Rough-legged Hawks—more even than Red-tailed Hawks. At times, I saw several within a couple minutes of each other. I was surprised there were so many around, especially this late in the spring.

Male in Lincoln County, Colorado

Dark phase in Logan County, Kansas. This was a stunningly beautiful bird.

Female south of Oakley, Kansas

On our drive back to the hotel after seeing the Prairie-Chickens, we spotted several Ring-necked Pheasants in the fields. I realized I’d never gotten a photo of one, so after I was dropped off, I drove down into the croplands and soon came upon a cock and two hens. The cock headed out into the field away from me.

But one of the hens actually came closer to hide in the grass along the road. After I took the first photo, she headed back into the field, but stopped long enough for me to get some photos.

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