Schimpff’s Confectionery

On more than one occasion, when I’ve told people I’ve been to Louisville, they’ve asked if I’ve visited the “old candy store” across the river. I hadn’t, but now I have. The business began in Louisville in 1858 and moved to Jeffersonville in 1891. The two buildings the business currently occupies were built right after the Civil War and have been flooded by the Ohio River on three occasions. The red marks next to the door indicate the flood depths in 1880 (bottom mark) and 1884.



The left-hand building, with the candy displays and soda fountain, was packed. We fought our way through into the other building. The back half is a museum of old candy packaging and advertising.





The front half of that building is where the candy is made. Several women were making Modjeskas — marshmallows dipped in caramel — that are named for a Polish actress who performed in Louisville in 1883.



We bought a box of an assortment of their specialties. The turtles and caramels were good. My wife enjoyed the cinnamon. The Modjeskas didn’t thrill either of us, but our daughter liked them.


We also bought a bag of amazing toffees.

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