My Sole Journey into Poetry

I’m no poet. But once, for reasons I can’t recall, I was inspired to write a poem—about the 1987 MLB All-Star Game. 

The game went into the 13th inning with no score. The National League finally crossed the plate twice in the top of the inning. In the bottom half, the American League hopes rested on the backs of three players that, at the time, I’d never heard of—Kevin Seitzer (Royals), Pat Tabler (Indians), and Matt Nokes (Tigers). When the game finally ended with a 2-0 National League win, I sat down and wrote this:

It was the last of the thirteenth
They were down by just two
It’s up to Seitzer and Tabler and Nokes

They were the last hope
For the American Crew
They were Seitzer and Tabler and Nokes

And up in the stands
Many voices cried, “Who
Are Seitzer and Tabler and Nokes?”

But there in the spotlight
Among the chosen, the few
Were Seitzer and Tabler and Nokes

In came Fernandez
The crowd gasped as he threw
To Seitzer and Tabler and Nokes

Sid threw four balls to Kevin
Things began to look blue
But not for Seitzer and Tabler and Nokes

But Pat’s efforts were puny
His results were few
Seitzer walked, Tabler choked, now it’s Nokes

With Winfield in deck
Matt knew what to do
Come on Seitzer and Tabler and Nokes!

I’d like to say they were heroes
But when they were through
They were just Seitzer and Tabler and Nokes

Whatever afflicted these three
Caught up with Dave, too
He choked like Seitzer and Tabler and Nokes

Why they were out there
I haven’t a clue
Goodbye Seitzer and Tabler and Nokes

And there you have it—my only attempt at poetry. You’re welcome.

Other players mentioned are Sid Fernandez (Mets) and Dave Winfield (Yankees).

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