Vacation Day One — To Steamboat Springs

This day didn’t go as planned. We wanted to drive to the top of Mount Evans, but I didn’t check the web site until we got to Idaho Springs. Turns out they have a reservation system because of all the people (zero) who caught Covid at 14,000 feet. The earliest reservation they had for today was 2:00 pm. We decided not to wait.

We made a quick plan B to head up to Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge to look at Moose. We saw some birds and some pleasant scenery, but no Moose.

We got to Steamboat Springs much earlier than we’d planned. We happened upon a local diner that had decent hamburgers. We sat in the shade on the outdoor patio—I’d managed to choose a week of very hot temperatures for our vacation.

Somewhere along the way, I decided I wanted a cowboy hat, so we went to F.M. Light & Sons and made it a reality. My wife suggested I get a white one since that’s the color the good guys wear, but I believe in truth in head gear …

We got to our tiny (but clean and comfortable) room at the Rabbit Ears Hotel mid-afternoon. It’s named after a mountain that we passed earlier in the day that has two squared-off peaks that stick out above the trees and look nothing like rabbit ears.

I went wandering and found a trail along the Yampa River. Many people were hiking, biking, floating, and sunbathing, but I managed to find some birds and got my walking in for the day.

This is at least the third Broad-tailed Hummingbird nest I’ve found since I’ve been in Colorado.

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