Blue Pan Pizza

I discovered Blue Pan Detroit Style Pizza online during my ongoing search for decent pizza in Colorado. It’s located about two miles from the Nature & Science Museum. All I knew about it is that the pizza is cooked in pans that were brought to Denver from Detroit.

The dining area was small and packed—mostly due to some kid’s birthday party that took up half the seats. We sat at a tiny table for two stuck between two tables for four that were just inches away.

Our server was very friendly. I asked her which pizza was the most authentic, and she recommended the Brooklyn Bridge. I thought that was a bit odd for Detroit-style pizza, but I figured she knew of what she spoke.


1ST PLACE INTERNATIONAL PIZZA CHALLENGE 2014 (TRADITIONAL DIVISION) Mozzarella and Brick Cheese/Pizza Sauce/Creamy NY Ricotta/Natural Casing Pepperoni/Italian Sausage/Chopped Garlic/Sicilian Oregano/Pecorino Romano Cheese

It was delicious—lighter than Chicago-style, but zesty, with a good blend of flavors. We’d started with salad and garlic bread, so we only made it halfway through our pizza, but we’d expected to take some home.

We somehow switched servers halfway through our meal. The second one was also very friendly. As she was boxing our pizza, she asked us how we’d liked it. I said that we were just disappointed by the color of the pan. She laughed and told us the story. Apparently the pizza are baked in (unused, she hastened to add) auto parts—oil pans, I’m guessing. She pointed to a pile of them on a shelf above the bar.

So, not blue, but blue steel. Anyway, the pizza was great and we would go back in a second.

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