Bird #514 — European Goldfinch

carduelis carduelis (goldfinch)

Tuesday, April 18, 2019 — 2:19 pm

Waldenbuch, Germany — Ritter Sport Museum

We were sitting in the Ritter Cafe when I spotted two small birds flit down from a bush and land on a fence along the edge of the field. They were a long way away, but I knew immediately what they were. They were the size of American Goldfinches and colored about the same as American Goldfinches are in the winter except for a bright yellow slash on the wings and a striking black, white, and red face.

When I wandered around the area after lunch, I saw them again much closer, but they never stayed in one place long enough for me to get a photo, and I never saw them again.

Here’s a photo of a European Goldfinch I swiped off the internet.

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