Bird #515 — Gray Heron

ardea (heron. In Roman mythology the town of Ardea was razed to the ground, and from the ashes rose a lean, pale bird, shaking the cinders from its wings and uttering mournful cries) cinerea (ash-gray)

Tuesday, April 18, 2019 — 2:30 pm

Waldenbuch, Germany — Ritter Sport Museum

I was still eating lunch in the Ritter Cafe when I spotted this heron flapping low above the trees on the hillside not far away. It looked very much like a Great Blue Heron, but smaller, about the size of a Great Egret.

I saw two more a few days later.  They flew right over the car as we drove near the Stuttgart Airport. They were slate gray with an almost white neck. I never saw one on the ground, and I never got a photo of one. Here’s a photo I swiped off the internet.

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