Bird #518 — Black Redstart

phoenicurus (from phoinix, crimson, red, purple, and ouros, tailed) ochruros (from okhros, pale yellow, and ouros, tailed)

Tuesday, April 18, 2019 — 3:00 pm

Waldenbuch, Germany — Ritter Sport Museum

Here’s the area by the Ritter Museum where I was seeing all the birds. I walked to the end of the lane and then started back.

A small bird landed on the wooden fence on the left, about 25 feet from where I was. It was a Black Restart, slate blue-gray overall with a black face and breast and a bright rufous tail.

It was content to perch there and observe me observing it.

I saw several more the next day in Murren, Switzerland, including a male sitting on a cross on top of a church and a female that actually sang a little bit from a roof edge.

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