Colorado Springs Sky Sox vs. Nashville Sounds

I wasn’t overly thrilled with my Sky Sox experiences last season. After two weather-related cancellations and two dull games, I wasn’t planning on going back. But then our church,  planned an outing, and we thought it might be a good way to meet some people.

Our seats were on the first base side, above the dugout. We were two rows above the actual chairs on a bench with a back. It wasn’t terribly comfortable for someone who was stiff and achy from a hike, but I got up and wandered every couple innings, so I managed.

There were maybe 30 people there from church. Most of them around us cleared out halfway through the game, so as a get-to-know-you function, it wasn’t great.

The game was entertaining to begin with, with some scoring and impressive fielding, but then it got dull. We stuck around to see the mediocre fireworks show afterwards and were home by 9:30.

The Sky Sox are moving to San Antonio, Texas, next season, and a short-season Pioneer League low-A team is moving in. There’s currently a contest to pick the name. The five finalists are:

  • Punchy Pikas
  • Lamp Chops
  • Happy Campers
  • Throttle Jockies
  • Rocky Mountain Oysters

I’m pretty sure I know which will win.

Here’s the game info:

We saw Boog Powell, the right fielder for Nashville last season when he played right field for the Tacoma Raniers.

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