Fort Collins

On the Friday after Thanksgiving we went to Fort Collins because …

We didn’t really have a reason. We headed downtown in search of a reason to be there. Here’s what we found.

A tribute to Andy Warhol on the campus of Colorado State University.

Downtown, with a lot of crafty stores and an impressive amount of Christmas lights.

We happened upon Mary’s Mountain Cookies. I bought a turtle cookie. My wife bought an almond sugar cookie with frosting. We didn’t get around to eating them until the next day, but they were very good.

For supper we went to Totally 80’s Pizza. The pizza was edible (but I still have yet to find any evidence that anyone in Colorado knows how to make pizza), but the place was fun. It was decorated as a museum of the 1980’s and brought back a lot of memories.

The night was still young. We wandered the aisles of a Barnes & Noble for an hour, then went to see The Man Who Invented Christmas at a theater very close to the Hampton Inn where we were staying. It was a fictionalized account of how Charles Dickens came up with the idea of A Christmas Carol and, thereby, changed the way we celebrate Christmas. It was fairly slow moving and didn’t have a lot to do with Christmas, but it beat sitting in a hotel room.

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