Guernsey State Park

I spent three and a half hours on Monday morning birding in Guernsey State Park. I picked it primarily because it was there. I got out of my car several times, but I never wandered far from it. The park surrounds a man-made lake. The central feature is a hill-top overlook high above the reservoir. By the end of my visit, I’d seen 35 species, including a rare-for-the-area Eastern Bluebird.

Three Turkey Vultures perched on posts along the reservoir next to a boat ramp. They were disinclined to leave as I walked by, and one of them decided to brave it out. I’m not sure if this is a threat display or what, but I appreciated it.

There were campers in scattered sites around the park, but otherwise very few people. It was a beautiful place and a pleasant way to spend a morning.

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